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When I walked blindly on the hot sands, I thought I was alone. When vision returned, I saw many footprints on the sand. You were there besides me. Today as I start life and the year on a clean slate, my 'bawra Mann' wants to thank you for being there for me. And a special prayer for your happiness and success. Let's re-look at the rhythm in life together.

Patient 1

A lot of doctors have fancy degrees but very few doctors like you put their heart before their mind while giving patients the best medicine in the world – HOPE....... Any doctor can prescribe drugs but very few can prescribe the best of them all – a STRONG WILL to get better........ Most doctors understand medicine. Most doctors understand surgical procedures. Most doctors understand drugs. Most doctors understand diagnosis. But few doctors like you understand the most important of them all – a patient’s SUFFERING.... Your prescriptions heal the body but your inspirational words heal the mind.
Thanks n
Thanks a lot

Patient 2

I happened to meet Dr. Rashmi Saraf in March 2017 for consultation in connection of stent coiling procedure on recommendation of Dr. Manish Jain (presently working in Urology Dept. Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi) & Dr. Jagneet Chahta. I felt utmost satisfaction so far as intervention procedure conducted by Dr. Saraf and recovery thereafter. I am extremely impressed by the pains taken during the procedure and care taken by her in post operative period. Indeed.Dr. Saraf deserves all due appreciation for her kindness shown and humanity expressed. She followed strictly professional ethics which further added feathers to her noble profession. I feel proud to mention that she is really a glittering star ray of hope for the patient as she proved to be pro patient. I wish every success in her life and bright future for such hard working, honest and talented personality in the field of medical science and profession. Infact her parents also deserve appreciations for naming the child Rashmi which lateron proved as ray of hope and light for patients. With warm regards.

Patient 3